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  • Game Designer: Vicki Decker and Ben Woodall
  • Content Area:  Science, Biology
  • Recommended Ages: High School
  • Ideal Group Size:  Small Group
  • Suggested Time: 45 minutes

You and your fellow students have just discovered some old notes and worksheets from an earlier Advanced Biology High School class and two strange chest. In the chest you know there are scientific riches, maybe even the answers to all of the course materials, and finding out who the Biology Half-Blood Prince is. In an effort to keep you honest and away from the materials inside the box your teacher has transformed your worksheets into puzzles. If you can solve them you just might gain access to these riches or possibly just your teacher’s most prized collection of Gummy Bears.

3-DIGIT LOCK = 9-4-2

4-DIGIT LOCK = 1-8-5-9




Photocopy the clean copy of  reading WS and highlight the words shown on the marked up version. Anything written in red needs to be written using the invisible ink.  The drawings on the picture of the scientists is just for fun, mimicking what a student might do to a paper.  To make it a little easier to know the combination for the four number lock you could just doodle on Darwin’s face.

Photocopy the clean copy of the salamander worksheet front and back. Circle the salamanders on the clean version in UV pen to match the ones  shown circled in red on the marked up version. Make an arrow on the left-side going from the bottom of the page to the top on the side opposite of the salamanders on the same paper. A nicer version of the slamader worksheet front and back can be dowloaded free online here: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/9930932/18-using-and-constructing-a-classification-key-ate

Photocopy the clean copy of the puzzle worksheet and mark the question numbered one with a star so the students know where to start. On the bottom of the sheet using the UV pen write “You only need 5 answers!!”

Set the locks according to the combination sheet (4 -1859, 3 - 942, ULDDR, Mouse)

Put the flashlight and the key in the small box and lock it with the 4 digit lock.

Put the remaining locks on the clasp on the large lock box.




Email info@breakoutedu.com if you have any questions.